Unicorn Reading Log and Bookmarks

Unicorn Reading Log and Bookmarks
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I know the value of consistent reading in a child’s life. It is one of my biggest goals as a parent–to instill the love of books so that they become a normal, natural part of my children’s lives now and as they grow into adulthood. I’d love to build a legacy of reading for generations to come. However, sometimes children need a bit of an incentive to read. That’s why this reading log and bookmarks set was created.

I have one child that is a natural bookworm. She marched up to me, hands on hips, sassy as could be, at age 4 and demanded that I teach her to read. She hasn’t stopped since. She’s nearly 13 now and reading on a collegiate level. She has a goal of reading 200 books in one year. I have another child that also loves books, but is more picky about what he’ll pick up and sometimes prefer to take longer breaks between books than I prefer. Both of these children like incentives for reading, but for different reasons. The first child loves an incentive simply because she is driven intrinsically by a personal challenge. The second child enjoys the incentive to feel good about progress he does make, even if it isn’t as fast as another.

Every so often, I will create a reading log for my children and offer them a special treat when they fill it. The treat can be a fun trip, lunch at a pizza place, or even just a small trinket. We had already used our space themed log several times and I knew it was time for something new. Like with many children these days, unicorns are all the rage in my house, so I took that theme and ran with it.

This is simple way to track reading, coupled with some bookmarks to use that children can color on their own. If you’re like my kiddos, bookmarks (not unlike socks and pencils) have a way of disappearing. Having some that we can reprint as needed is helpful.

Ready to snag your own whimsical reading tracker?

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