Reading Bingo and Color Your Own Bookmarks

Out of This World Reading Printables
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Reading is a staple in our home. We have so many books that our shelves are overflowing and you’ll always find several volumes stacked in random places or open books laying about on tables and chairs. It’s just a deeply interwoven part of our family fabric. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have children who have to be talked into cracking open a book. It also doesn’t mean that my avid readers don’t sometimes need a bit more motivation to read more. That is where reading bingo comes into play!

Do you have a child that is resistant to reading? Or maybe a child that just enjoys a good challenge?

Then you just have to give this a try!

Out of This World Reading Printables! Reading Bingo, Log, and Color Your Own Bookmarks! FREE!


Reading Bingo!

I thought it would be fun to add a bit of space fun to the standard “fill in the title” logs and have a BINGO game with suggestions of what sort of books your child can pick up to read.


It adds a bit of creative structure to their reading time while also giving a challenge to meet! Can they find books that fit all of the categories??

I suggest coming up with small prizes for them to earn once they get five squares in a row or fill their cards completely.

To go along with the bingo, there is also a reading log included to correspond. They can track the titles of the books that they read.


There are also fun bookmarks that they can color to make them their own! Make the entire reading challenge experience an assortment of interactive fun!


What better way to save your spot than with a bookmark that you customized yourself?


Ready to start your out of this world reading experience?

Click here to snag your Out of This World Reading Printables!




Out of This World Reading Printables



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