Teddy Bear Picnic Reads for Children

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It’s Teddy Bear Picnic Day! I love how awesomely cute this “holiday” can be when you have young children. What child doesn’t love a teddy bear, right?

Not all of my children have had particular attachments to stuffed animals, but my oldest (now 11) has always had an affinity for cuddly friends. My youngest (1) is appearing to follow in her footsteps. My middle three waver, but still often have a teddy bear or other stuffed friend available when needed.

I love to just have a little bit of fun with them on holidays like this. One of the best things that we do is to read books, of course! I wanted to share with you a few titles that we enjoy that are perfect to read while celebrating Teddy Bear Picnic Day!

Books to Read at a Teddy Bear Picnic

1. Cuddle Bear

This sweet tale about a little bear that just loves to brighten the days of his friends by giving them hugs is so precious. It highlights how the simplest of acts can make a world of difference.


2. Little Bear Needs Glasses

As someone who felt very self conscious about getting glasses at a young age, I LOVE this book! Bear can’t see very clearly and needs something to help! All of his friends generously offer their own glasses to share, but none of them work quite right. He needs his own pair to help solve his problem!

I love that the book comes with reusable sticker glasses too. It’s so fun for kids to be able to move them around and try them on the different characters again and again.


3. Bears Don’t Read

What happens when a bear is dissatisfied with the life that all of his bear friends and family say is normal? What happens when he wants to expand his world by learning to read? How can he learn?

Bear wanders into town to search for a friendly tutor and the humans aren’t certain what to think of him!

This is a great read that will elicit a few laughs and drives home the importance of books for everyone.


4. Take Ted Instead

If you have a child that avoids bedtime, you will enjoy this quick read. The little boy is determined that he is not tired and should not have to depart into slumberland.  He offers up several others to his mother in hopes she will put them to bed instead, but she’s not falling for it!

This book could easily become a bedtime favorite,


5. Goldilocks and the Three Bears: A Masked Fairy Tale

A fantastic retelling of this classic tale brings joy to all involved! It comes with two pop out masks so you can role play as you read! How fun is that?


6. Ted in a Red Bed

This beginning phonics reader uses familiar sounds to tell the story of a Ted, a little bear who wants to buy a new bed. He loves the red one, but is it the right price to take home? This is a great resource for emerging readers to build confidence or to read aloud to younger children to expose them to the rhythm and sounds of words with similar sounds.

If you’re looking for a simple way to add a bit of fun to your teddy bear picnic, then any of these books is an excellent choice.


What’s your favorite book about bears?

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