Unicorn Sensory Bin

Unicorn Sensory Bin
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Unicorns are always intriguing to small children. They’re beautiful, they’re majestic, they give off the essence of everything that is magical in the world. Sensory bins are also appealing to little hands, but the mess that some of the contents can create isn’t as appealing to parents. When we decided to create a unicorn sensory bin, I chose to use a medium that could be messy, but had a clean up time of just a few seconds. Mom win!

Supplies for Unicorn Sensory Bin:

  • Rainbow colored yarn
  • Pom poms
  • Rainbow foam cut outs
  • Small unicorn toys
  • Plastic star bangles
  • A bin

Start by cutting the yarn in 6-8″ pieces. They don’t have to be perfectly uniform. In fact, you don’t even really have to measure at all! Just cut in varying lengths, but not so short that you can’t pick them up easily!

Cut enough to fill your bin at least halfway. The next steps are simple!

Just dump the other supplies in at whatever quantities suit you best. You want to avoid filling your bin to the top to allow room for movement.

Then let your child have fun! Encourage them to feel, mix, and let their unicorns romp through everything!

When play time is over, just pop a lid on the bin and store for later use! I love to keep bins like this stored for times when I need a bit of distraction for a child that really enjoys being as close to mom as possible at all times. They are also good if you institute a quiet time!

Need a fun unicorn book or activity book to go along with your bin? Adding another dimension to the fun really expands the imagination! Check these out! —->Find them all in my shop!<—

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