Feed the Shark Craft for Kids

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Shark Week is almost here! A fun, simple feed the shark craft is a great add on to any other activities you may participate in to celebrate!

Feed the Shark Craft for Kids


I like to keep most of the crafts that we do in our home easy to create with simple materials that most moms either have on hand or can get cheaply and without hassle. This shark craft fits the bill, only requiring a few supplies that you can pull from your craft cabinet or your kitchen!


Feed the Shark Craft Supplies

  • paper plate
  • straw
  • pipe cleaner
  • school glue
  • glue stick
  • watercolor paint
  • paintbrush
  • cardstock
  • crayons
  • scissors

Step One: 

Use a white crayon to draw waves on the blank paper plate. Encourage your child to press down a bit, but not hard enough to break the tip or the crayon as they draw.


Step Two:

Using your watercolor paint, paint the entire plate blue. The white crayon will show through the paint, creating a fun effect. This is a crayon resist art technique that’s fun for tons of different projects. Allow the paint to dry.


Step Three: 

Draw a shark body shape on to your cardstock. There’s no need for perfection here. If you would like help in learning how to draw sharks and lots more, check out this Step by Step Drawing Book. ¬†Color the shark in, adding eyes and gills.

Step Four: 

Cut out the  mouth portion and repurpose it as a dorsal fin. Color it and glue it on to the the shark body.


Step Five: 

Draw, cut out, and color two more triangles–one large, one small–to be used as a small fin and a tail fin. Glue them to the shark body. Cut two small strips of cardstock and create zig zags for teeth. Glue to the back of the shark.


Step Six: 

Draw a small fish using simple shapes like an oval and a triangle. Color the fish, draw on eyes, and cut out.

Step Seven: 

Glue the fish to the pipe cleaner. Use school glue for this and if necessary, use a clothespin to hold it together while it dries.



Step Eight: 

Once dry, thread the end of the pipe cleaner through the straw.

Step Nine: 

Glue your shark to the straw. Trim a small portion off the edge of your paper plate and then glue the straw/shark to your paper plate.  Allow to dry. You can trim the end of the straw a bit to make gripping the pipe cleaner easier to grab if you wish.


Step Ten: 

Pull the pipe cleaner back and forth and feed your shark!

Need some great books to read alongside this shark craft?


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What else will you do to celebrate Shark Week?


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