Paper Bag Octopus Craft

Paper Bag Octopus Craft
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My kindergartner has been enjoying an ocean themed learning unit and he loves to learn about squids and octopuses. When I was choosing which activities that I would have him do, I knew I had to pull this octopus craft out of my pocket! It was a favorite of my older son as well when he was younger.

Paper Bag Octopus Craft


This uses very little supplies and you can likely utilize things that are inexpensive or already around your home.

Octopus Craft Supplies:

  • a brown paper lunch bag
  • something to stuff the bag with(i.e. old newspaper, magazine pages, paper towels, etc. We used crinkled paper that I had on hand from the craft store)
  • rubber band
  • Marker
  • Paper hole reinforcers

Open up the paper bag and stuff it about halfway full with crumpled newspaper.


Once you get the bag half filled, use the rubber band to seal it up at the midway point of the bag.

Cut slits into the bottom half of the bag for “tentacles.”

Next use the paper hole reinforcers make the tentacles to appear to have suction cups like the real thing.

Finally,  draw on a face with your marker. My little guy opted to add in extra eyes.

Now you have a new saltwater friend!
A simple, quick octopus craft perfect for your sea/ocean themed learning unit!
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Pair with your favorite sea book and you have added fun! Pictured with our octopus is My Very First Book of Seas and Oceans.

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