Mason Jar Luminaries for the 4th of July

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Can you believe it’s July?? This year is half over and I feel like we just rang in the New Year!  With July comes lots of Independence Day fun and I thought I’d add my own contribution this year–flameless mason jar luminaries!

Since I still have young children, I preferred NOT using a live flame.  This is a relatively simple craft only needing a few supplies and they can all be gathered at your local dollar store!

Flameless 4th of July Mason Jar Luminaries

Materials Needed for Mason Jar Luminaries:

a mason jar (or some other jar)
white glue that dries clear
red, white, and blue tissue paper
foam paintbrushes
a red, white, and blue flower lei (I got mine at Dollar Tree)
LED tealights (also found at Dollar Tree)

Ignore the candles in this pic.  I also made one for the grownups to use 🙂

Spread about 2-3 sheets of tissue paper out and cut in half.  Then fold all the sheets together as many times as you can.  Use a stencil, freehand, or trace a star shaped toy (like I did) on to the tissue paper then cut out. I did all three colors of paper in just a few minutes. This creates several stars at once.

Next mix the glue with a little water.  I poured the entire bottle into a bowl and threw in about 1/4 cup water.  Mix well.  Using your foam paint brushes, spread the glue/water mixture onto the jars, covering the entire thing.

Press the tissue paper stars onto the glue on the jar, covering the jar using whatever pattern you want.

When you have finished making your pattern, spread another thin coat of the glue mixture over the stars and jar, making sure to cover completely. Before the glue dries, you can embellish the jar with glitter, gently sprinkling it over the jar.

Allow to dry.

Cut one of the flower leis and pull off the flower petals.  Place them inside the jars.

Then turn on your LED tealights and place one in each jar (To make one of these with actual tealight candles, do NOT use the lei flowers as they would be flammable.  Just place the tealight inside the jar alone and light).Voila!  Simple and easy patriotic mason jar luminaries!


Flameless 4th of July Mason Jar Luminaries

Need some book suggestions to accompany this craft?


Pictured above are I Love You Americanly by Lynn Parrish Sutton and Wonders of the USA by Carron Brown. 


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