Create a Fairy Garden with Your Children

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Ever since I first saw a fairy garden online, I knew that I wanted to create one with my children.  There is just something about the magical whimsy of an enchanted piece of your backyard that appeals to me.  I love the imagination that it inspires!

Create a fairy garden with your children!

¬†We also love to do activities that can correspond to books we read, so we were particularly inspired by the Fairy Ponies series by Zanna Davidson. This book¬†follows the journey of a young girl who discovers a way into the world of fairy ponies in her great aunt’s backyard! After reading the books we kicked off a several weeks long project of building our very own fairy garden!
This activity can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire and it is so much fun! It took us approximately three weeks to complete ours from start to finish.  We worked on odds and ends until we had everything that we wanted to put in our garden and then we assembled it.
This was a family activity as we all pitched in with ideas, finding materials, and piecing it all together little by little.
Here’s how we made our little fairy hollow:¬†
We made our fairy house made from a small terracotta flower pot with a craft stick door(with a button for a window), wooden block steps, and painted on windows and flowers.
Our pathway to the front steps with clear craft gems. Lining the pathway are mushrooms that we created from pencils and bottle caps.
The flower banner hanging above the home is made from two bamboo skewers and a string of flower beads that a friend sent us.
Our garden entrance has a sign pointing the way made from craft sticks. We placed our finished home into the little hollow on a tree stump. It was a perfect fit! Then I purchased some fake moss from Dollar Tree and spread it over the top of the stump.
Fairies need things to play with when they aren’t flitting about, so we used a Y shaped twig, some twine, and a tire from an old remote control car to create a tire swing.

Then I glued half of a clothespin to a small Lincoln Log to make a seesaw for the wee little fairies.

For trees, we spray painted pine cones pink. We made a white picket fence from crafts sticks and pathways using rocks.

I found a random broken piece of flower bed edging in our yard when we moved in to this house a couple of months ago.  We painted it brown and found that it made a perfect bridge over our blue craft gem river.

Using an idea I found on Pinterest from The Magic Onions, I made a well using a mason jar, twine, and a thimble. We filled it with blue craft gems to be water.

We chose to put it all in a flower bed that was empty.  It seemed to be the perfect fit and its in an area of our yard that is out of the way of our general backyard tromping, but still in view from our back porch and easily accessible.

After our garden was complete, I wanted to find the perfect fairy figures to use in it. That’s when Safari LTD stepped in with their Fairy Fantasies TOOB to accompany our fairy wonderland.

My children have had a blast having fairy adventures in this new part of our backyard. I am so glad that we took the time to do this together!

Have you ever made a fairy garden? 


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